Individual Honours

Deejays Nightclub League Player of the year
2019 Ryan Gordon New Pitsligo
2018 Lee Lawrence Mintlaw
2017 Neil Forbes New Pitsligo
2016 Simon Whyte Clinton Thistle
2015 Mark Walker. Balmoor
2014 Mark Walker Balmoor
2013 Simon Whyte Clinton Thistle

Soccerworld Scotland league player of the year
2019 Tommy Gillan Fyvie
2018 Keith Nicol Elizabethan Link Up
2017 PA Bruce Haven Fc
2016 Simon Gemmel NewDeer
2015 James Burnett Methlick &Gordon McLennan Elizabethan Link Up
2014 Ewan McLeman Peterhead United

Deejays Nightclub League Goal Keeper of the Year
2019 Marco Del Testa Invercairn United
2018 Marco del Testa Invercairn United
Dean Allan Mormond Thistle
Craig Dargie St Combs
Brian Forbes Haven Fc
2017 Lee Simpson New Pitsligo
2016 Marco Del Testa Invercairn United
2015 Iain Summers Clinton Thistle
2014 Lee Simpson New Pitsligo
2013 Lee Simpson New Pitsligo
2012 Ian Summers Clinton Thistle
2011 Martin Sinclair Elizabethan Link Up

Soccerworld Scotland League Goalkeeper of the year
2019 Michael McKinnon Fyvie
2018 Richard sanders New Deer
2016 Dean Allan Mormod Thistle
2015 Marco Del Testa Invercairn United
2014 Mark Glennie Ardallie

Deejays Nightclub League Top Scorer
2019 Kevin Cameron Buchanhaven
2018 James Gibb Invercairn United
2016 James Gibb Invercairn United
2015 Somon Whyte Clinton Thistle
2014 Darren Batty Clinton Thistle
2013 Jonathon Garden Bellslea
2012 Gilbert Paterson Jnr Clinton Thistle
2011 Fraser Watt Bellslea
2010 William Calder Bellslea

Soccerworld Scotland League Top Scorer
2019 Jamie Marshal Fyvie + Lewis Neil New Deer
2018 Johnny McGarrol Peterhead United
2016 Johnny McGarrol Peterhead United
2015 James Gibb Invercairn United
2014 Marc McLaren Rosehearty Thistle

Fair Play Soccerworld Scotland League
2019 Glenugie United
2018 Methlick
2016 New Pitsligo
2015 New Pitsligo
2014 Mormond Thistle

Fair Play Deejays Nightclub League
2019 St Combs
2018 New Pitsligo
2017 St Combs
2016 Buchanhaven Fc
2015 Buchanhaven FC
2014 Panasonic
2013 Mormond Thistle
2012 St Combs
2011 Mormond Thistle
2010 Mormond Thistle

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